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Mobile Repairing Course in Patna

Mobile repairing course in Patna is one of the most innovative and necessary course which fetches higher prospect of job. It also offers best salary structure and an opportunity to have one’s own prospective business set-up with small amount. One of the top mobile repairing institute in Patna, Bihar we have some great opportunity on offerd. Online course available in Hindi & English language with best fees. The mobile repairing course in Patna, Bihar is based on practical learning basis with extensive practical work. The latest mobile of Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Hp and other such handset is shown with diagram and live demos about how to make and repair it.

The hardware and software packages are developed with trainers providing intrinsic details and impart with dutiful service for the students. We have a better backup which is knowledge based and technicians from the better mobile companies visit to give the knowledge of latest development with mobile through simplified manner. The students from matriculate and above along with the people with knowledge and interest in mobile repairing can apply here.

Learn Mobile Repairing Course in Patna With 100% Practicle

As we know that mobile repairing course is based on practical learning approach and classes, hence our mobile repairing courses are designed in a way that learner get full exposure to handle all types of mobiles. AK Info Institute is the foremost mobile repairing institute in Patna, Bihar. We provide best mobile repairing courses, hardware & software repair courses on minimum fees. Our entire mobile repairing courses syllabus is simplified such that even a matriculate can grasp the concepts. Also, we are backed by highly experienced trainers & instructors who are well-versed with the latest mobile technology. Mobile repairing courses in Patna will help you to make a career in this field. The training is provided for all the essential skills needed to service, repair and maintain mobile phones.


Basic Electronic and Hardware


Tracing (Chip Level)

Introduction of mobile phone like: - History of mobile, Current and introduction.

Basic computer operating downloading and coding.

Destination & source, Way of track and Fault finding.

Mobile assembly and disassembly all types

Mobile repairing tools and software knowledge.

How can find condition of dead mobile.

Details of all tools & use like:- Multicenter, Blower machine, DC Power Supply, PCB and TM machine.

Software repairing knowledge like:- Flashing, unlocking IMEI & ESN, Network Repairing.

What is tracing and how can find fault knowledge.

Introduction of component like:- Resistor, Capacitor, Coil, Diode, Transformer, Crystal, IC, ON/OFF Switch Transistor, Mosfet, B.P.F, V.C.O , P.F.O, Antina Switch, Antina PAD, Battery, Microphone, Ringer, Vibrator……E.T.C

All types of mobile flashing & unlocking:- Normal flashing, Special flashing for all company mobile, Unlocking, Country Unlocking.

According to section like:- Charging, SIM, Display, Memory, IGHT, Audio, Network (DCS, GSM, WCDMAAND LTE), BT, WIFI, FM, Camera, Keypad, Touch.

Hardware practical knowledge:- 
(1) How to use of soldering iron 
(2) How to use of blower machine
(3) Big to Big jumper
(4) Ball IC jumper
(5) Component soldering and dislodging
(6) Display assembly and disassembly
(7) Charging connector assembly and disassembly
(8) USB connector assembly and disassembly
(9) SIM Tray assembly and disassembly
(10) Memory tray assembly and disassembly
(11) Battery connector assembly and disassembly
(12) Headphone jack assembly and disassembly
(13) PCB servicing

China mobile special repairing by tool or software:- Flashing, Formatting, Software backup, Software installing, Unlocking, IMEI Repairng and FRP.

China mobile repairing class according to section like:- Charging , SIM , Display, Memory, IGHT, Audio, Network (DCS, GSM, WCDMAANDLTE), BT,WIFI, FM, Camera, Keypad,Touch.




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