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We are the best training institute for laptop repairing courses in Patna. These courses equip students with the latest laptop repair training. Through this course, students can enter the growing laptop repairing market as a laptop engineer or technician. We have more than 5 years of experience in the technical education industry and are known for offering the best laptop repairing course in Patna, Bihar. This course is fully comprehensive of all the repairing techniques important to repair laptops of HP, Acer, Lenovo, HCL and many more. We have chip level and card level laptop repair course that focus on various repairing aspects. For students interested in gaining knowledge about both, we have designed a combo laptop repairing course as well.

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Laptops, in today's world, are the electronic gadget which is acting as a portable computer for the upbeat tech-savvy users. However, with the recent pandemic situation, sectors from all the economies are facing rapid digitalization. This not only leaves no options for millennial but also forces them to go online and make a career on the digital platform. With more than half of the population working online and making use of digital gadgets is a vast working sector in itself. In order to make sure this sector runs smoothly, it is necessary to keep the gadgets updated and in working condition. And if these gadgets face an issue like screen damage, battery damage, motherboard damage, and water damage issue, among others, the first thing a user seeks out is a repair center.  This demand for repair services in the economy can be exploited by young learners out there to make some money and built a career for themself. If not for others, one should consider the cost of repairing when one's own setup faces issues. The whole commotions of going to repair centers, getting it repaired, waiting for few hours to few days, getting it back, and setting it up again can be very discouraging and frustrating. Plus, the inconvenience caused by other unnecessary factors in this pandemic ridden world is the last time anyone needs to go through now. Considering the above scenarios, won't it be convenient if you could skip all the above- mentioned drudgery and manage to repair your own laptop? Or better, provide your services to others and earn a bit extra cash. Given that the only effort you need to take is to sit back in the comfort of your own house, choose your own free time, and study laptop repairing? With our exclusive online course on laptop repairing, we provide flexibility to our users so they may pursue their interest at their own pace. AK Info Institute will introduce you about laptops and everything related to repairing from the scratch. It is a broad field that includes fixing physical components of a computer, troubleshooting of the software, operating systems, networks, and servers that run them among others. Our syllabus includes:
  Introduction of ( Volt, current, watt, Ohms)
  Introduction of ( AC/DC )
  How to Use Digital Multimeter
  Identification of Electronics Components on Motherboards of laptop and desktop.
 By the end of completions of our online course, we assure you, you will be possessing
given attributes to assist yourself or others with their laptop issues. These includes:
 Identify ALL the parts in a Laptop.
 Fit laptop screens.
 Fit laptop keyboards.
 Fit memory into ANY laptop.
 Fit hard drives into ANY laptop.
 Clean a laptop keyboard to resemble the 'brand new' condition. This little-known technique can make you a ton of cash alone.
 How and where to buy laptops cheaply and sell them for a profit.
 Possible laptops to buy and staying away from loss incurring ones.

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