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Best Chip Level Laptop Repairing Course

The advance chip level laptop repairing course in Patna, Ak Info training institute center teach student with latest laptop & best repair training. The laptop has almost become a necessity with the affluent and for those who need it for professional purpose. The growing laptop industry needs better technicians and the course certainly makes the best out of every student. The course is fully comprehensive and it helps repairing technicians of any make such as Apple, HP, Lenovo, Acer and many more. The repairing of laptop is based with practical learning approach and is designed with practical along with theory classes.

The chip level laptop repairing course in Patna gives the concept of advance repairing with tools and machines. The training provides all the essential skills that are needed to service, maintaining and repair of all the different internal components with various laptops. The entire course is simplified and gives full exposure to handle all types of defects with removal techniques giving full satisfaction with the course.

Advance Chip Level Laptop Repairing Course in Patna

AK Info is the best repairing institute for chip level laptop repairing courses in Patna. Our courses fee is economical. We have experienced teaching faculty for all courses. Since our inception in 2007, we have trained more than 10,000 students in the field of Mobile, Laptop, LED TV, and computer hardware.  

Students who are willing to make career in those field can take mobile/laptop training/LED Tv repairing training from Delhi and Patna.

Best Chip Level Laptop Repairing Course Syllabus

Basic Electronics
1. SMT Electronics Introduction
2. What is Current? And its types.
3. What is Voltage?
4. Difference between A.C & D.C
5. Conductor, Insulator, Semi Conductor.

1.   Passive and Active Components
2.   What is Resistor?
3.   Resistor Color Coding
4.   Resistor Series and Parallel Connectivity.
5.   Types of Resistor
6.   SMT Resistor marking code
7.   Resitor Checking Method
8.   What is Capacitor?
9.   Electrolytic and Non Electrolytic Capacitor
10. Capacitor Value Measure
11. Series and Parallel Connectivity.
12. Types of Capacitor
13. SMT Capacitor and its checking method

1. What are Inductor and its type’s
2. Inductor checking method
3. What is Transformer? And its types
4. SMT Transformer and Transformer checking method

1. What is Diode? And its types
2. Power diode, Zener diode, Photo diode, LED and smd diode
3. Diode application –bridge rectifier
4. Diode checking method
1. What is Transistor? And its types
2. Bipolar Junction Transistor-NPN & PNP
3. Different types of Transistors
4. SMD Transistors
5. Transistor –FET,MOSFT & CMOSFET
6. Different Packages of Mosfet
7. Package type Mosfet internal diagram –N channel & P-channel
8. Difference between Transistor and mosfet
9. Normal & SMD Transistor Checking method

Integrated Circuits
1. What is Integrated Circuits[IC]
2. Types of IC – (pin & Ball)
3. PIN IC-Single Side Ic, double side Ic and four side Ic
4. Various Model of Ball ic
5. Fab rication Structure of IC
6. Pin details of ic

Digital Electronics
1. Binary Number system
2. Octal Number System
3. Hexa Number System
4. Gates

Introducton of Motherboard
1. How to work Laptop Motherboard?
2. Block diagram of Laptop Motherboard
3. Motherboard & its parts identification
4. Types Of Motherboard
5. How much Sections usesin Motherboard
6. Motherboard Ic’s List
7. Motherboard Ic’s & Its Manufacture Name
8. Motherboard Smd Components Identification

Laptop Chip Level Tools & Testing Equipments
1. how to use Digital multimeter
2. how to measure Oscilloscope [CRO]
3. Benfits of Universal charger
4. Hot gun
5. Screw Driver Kit
6. Nose Pliers
7. Use of vga machine

Battery & Adapter
1.  Types Of Battery
2.  Battery socket Pin Details
3.  Laptop Battery Inside Parts
4.  Battery Voltage details
5.  How to Increase Battery Life?
6.  Function of Ac Adapter
7.  Types Of Adapter
8.  All type Laptop Adapter Voltage Comparison
9.  Ac Adapter Functional Block Diagram
10. Adapter Board & Its Parts View
11. Adapter Board Components List
12  Adapter Circuit Diagram
13. Adapter faults & solution

Volt in Section
1. What Is Voltage Input Section?
2. Vin Section Functional Block Diagram
3. Component Identification Of Voltage Input Section
4. Voltage Input Section Components
5. Laptop Dc Power Jack Voltage Checking Method
6. Dc Power Jack Removing And Refixing Method
7. Vin Section Problem & Trouble Shooting

Battery Charge & Discharge Secton
1.   Charge &Discharge Section Functional Diagram
2.   Charge & Discharge Section Components Identification
3.   Battery Controller Ic Pin Diagram
4.   Pin Function Of Battery Controller Ic
5.   Application Diagram For Battery Control Ic
6.   Internal Diagram For Battery Control Ic
7.   Block Diagram Of PWM Charger Controller
8.   Power Selector Control Switches For Battery Ic
9.   Battery Control Ic’s List
10. How to Check Battery Charge Status?
11. Laptop Battery No Charge-What Is Solution?
12. Laptop Only Woks On Ac Adapter –What Is Solution?

Step Down Section with details
1.   How to work Step Down ckt ?
2.   How to Work Step down Voltage Regulator?
3.   Block Diagram Of Step Down Regulator Ic
4.   Component Identification For Step Down Section
5.   Step Down Controller Ic Pin Diagram
6.   Step Down Ic Application Diagram
7.   Pin Description For Step Down Ic
8.   Step Down components and its work
9.   Step Down Regulator Ic’s List
10. Stepdown Section Problem &Trouble Shooting

VRM Section power details
1. What Is Voltage Regulator function
2. Cpu Voltage Regulator Module
3. Vrm Section Component and Identification
4. Function Of Cpu and V-Core Power Ic
5. Pin Diagram Of Cpu Core Power Ic
6. Pin Description Of Cpu Core Power Ic
7. Cpu Power Mosfet Pin details
8. Some Cpu Core Power Ic’s List

VRM Trouble Shooting & Mofet Pin Diagrams
1. Vrm Section Trouble Shooting
2. P-Channel Mosfet Pin Diagram
3. Dual N-channel Mosfet Pin Diagram
4. Single N-channel Mosfet Pin Diagram
5. How to work mosfet in vrm section
6. Fault and solution of vrm section

Graphics Processor [GPU] Section
1. What Is GPU? And How to Work GPU?
2. Laptop Motherboard working with GPU
3. GPU Ic Identification
4. GPU Functions

CPU Temperature & VRM Section
1. V-Core Section Components Identification
2. Functional Block Diagram of V-Core Ic
3. V-Core Ic Pin Diagram
4. Function Of Cpu Fan temprature Ic
5. VRM Section N-Channel FET Pin Diagram
6. Some Temperature Control Ic’s List
7. How to Reduce Laptop Processor Heat?
8. Laptop Cooling Problem & Solution
9. Cpu Fan Does Not work –how to solve?

GMCH & RAM Section
1. Block Diagram Of N/B
2. Identification Of N/B
3. Northbridge Internal working process
4. Types Of North Bridge Chipsets
5. Chip set making Companies
6. Northbridge Section Trouble Shooting RAM Section

Ram section
1. What Is Ram?
2. How Works Ram?
3. What Is Sram?(Static Ram)
4. What Is Dram? ( Dynamic Ram)
5. Ddr1,Ddr2 and Ddr 3  Ram Clock Speed
6. Ddr1 & Ddr2 & Ddr3 Ram Comparison
7. Ram Slot Pin Details
8. Ram Working Voltage(3.3,2.5,1.8,1.5vol)
9. Ram Power Supply mosfet List
10. Ram Section fault and solution

Southbridge & IO Section
1.   How to work South Bridge[ ICH]
2.   Southbridge and its controller
3.   Types Of South Bridge
4.   South Bridge Section fault and solution
5.   Inpu t Output Controller [IO]
6.   Identification Of I/o Ic
7.   Io Ic Architecture
8.   Io Ic Pin Diagram
9.   Io Ic’s List
10. Super I/O Related Trouble Shooting

Clock Generation Section
1. What Is Clock Generator?
2. Identification Of Clock Generator Ic
3. Various Clock Outputs & Its Speed
4. Clock Ic Pin details
5. Pin Description Of Clock Ic
6. Clock Generator Ic’s List
7. Clock Ic Related trouble Shooting

BIOS Section
1. What Is Bios?
2. How Is Bios work and Used?
3. Bios Ic Identification For Laptop Motherboard
4. Bios Ic Pin details
5. Bios Section Troubleshooting

Keyboard Control Section
1. Keyboard related different problems
2. How to determine keyboard failure
3. Keyboard Controller Ic’s List

Audio Section
1.   working of Audio Ic
2.   Identification Of Audio Ic
3.   Audio Connector Name
4.   Audio Ic Pin Diagram with details
5.   Pin Functions Of Audio Ic
6.   Audio Amplifier Ic with Diagram
7.   Pin details Of Audio Amplifier Ic
8.   Audio Ic List
9.   Audio Section fault and solution
10. No Sound Signal –how to check?

LCD-TFT Display Section
1.   What Is Display?
2.   Types Of Display
3.   Lcd With Motherboard
4.   Led Parts & Connector Details
5.   How Lcd Display Works?
7.   Internal Parts View Of Display
9.   Lcd Back Light Inverter
10. Led Back Lights section
11. Lcd Back Light Inverter and supporting components

LCD Display Trouble Shooting
1.   No back light, but display is ok.
2.   Dim and dull screen.
3.   Blinking screen back light.
4.   Black screen.
5.   Vertical Shades
6.   Vertical Lines
7.   Corrupted And Vertical Shade
8.   Vertical Bars
9.   Craked LCD Screen
10. Gpu Problem
11. Reddish display
12. Horizontal Lines
13. Bad Video and etc..

Installation of Windows and driver in laptop
1. Installing windows xp1,2,3, Server 2003, Vista home , Windows 7, Server 2008, window 8.
2. Online Driver Installation and use of automated driver installation software
3. Offline Driver Installation.
4. Driver Backup and Restore.
5. Windows Backup & Restore by use of inherent windows function and use of specialized backup tools.

How to Install Application software in laptop
1. Partition Magic
2. Data Recovery
3. Bootable USB Drive
4. Office 2010
6. Installation and Removel of Antivirus
8. Password Break software

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