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Best Display OCA & Glass Repairing Course

Ak Info best training institute center for advance display oca & glass repairing course in Delhi. The mobile handset along with tabs and various other devices which have display OCA are in huge demand of repair and various other necessary types of machine and chemical repair. With increasing use the need of removal of wear and tear can be learned through display OCA repairing course in Delhi from Ak Info institute. The OCA machine has revolutionized the world of glass repairing.

The display OCA and glass repairing course features the various types of display glue removal manually or through machines.

Why do Advance Display OCA & glass repairing course:

If one talks about mobile kind of device OCA glass repairing it is very costly and it has covered only 87% of the markets.

The biggest component in mobile phone device is the LCD and customer first preference is towards display. Most of the problem in mobile happens with display and breaking of touch glass screen. That is the reason there is huge demand of OCA and Glass repairing technician and the technician earns better amount.

One OCA technician charges Rs 1500 to 3500 for a mobile screen and for one common display repair it takes OCA sheet Rs 20. A glass repair charge takes Rs 35 to 100 Rs

A customer pays Rs 900 to 1000 for changing a folder (Display + Touch). It takes only Rs 3000-4000. If you have a mobile shop then you can get OCA machine with one time investment boosting your income more than twice. AK Info also gives 3 year warranty on an OCA machine.

Start Advance Display OCA & glass repairing course in Delhi with best training institute:

  • Display glue removal manual through OCA machines
  • Polarizer film remover machine with iron blade
  • Operating glass separator machines with the iron blade
  • Operating glass separator machines along with dust lamp
  • Teaching student with operating on latest machines and tools
  • Displaying of pressing machine clip notch
  • Operating OCA machine display along with OCA film punching

Become an expert technician with OCA repairing course in Delhi:

The business of OCA handset is expanding and with that there comes a necessity of trained technicians. We fulfill the expectations of our students by teaching through best possible techniques involved in mobile repairing course. Whether, the handset is of Samsung, Sony, HTC or as sophisticated as Apple we teach our students with live demos. Our expert professionals teach through hands-on practical training. The OCA glass repairing course in Delhi gives adequate knowledge that makes our students to become a professional and the course structure is elaborate making one feel and learn with enhanced techniques.

Business enabled teaching leads to high-tech and advanced hardware repairing course. It also adds to the development and work with efficient service of OCA glass repairing course in Delhi making the students a better prospective for many blue chip companies or else also become an able entrepreneur.

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